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My Singing bowls are from the magical Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet and India. They are made from a mixture of 7 metals (copper, brass, nickle, silver, mercury, zink and gold. and when rubbed with a mallet, they produce a complex and beautiful sound full of wonderful harmonics and overtones. These instruments have been used for centuries to produce relaxation and facilitate healing and meditation. The bowls stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl so that when it is synchronized, it can vibrate independently. Stimulated and taken up by the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl, the body is able to tune into its own undisturbed frequency and balance chakras. My bowls are very special indeed, some of them dating to the 17th century and one set attuned to the frequency of the dolphins resonating and balancing the throat chakra.


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