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My personal healing journey began at birth, which is as it should be given the fact our loving souls are born into imperfect physical bodies that slowly age and fail. I have been blessed with many traumas in this lifetime which have afforded me incredible opportunities to learn, heal, find closure and evolve; and I am grateful for each and every one.

One of my greatest blessings is to recognize and embrace my life purpose again as a Reiki healer. Make no mistake about it; we are ALL healers. We heal others in many different ways; i.e music, art, dance, words, plays, as actors, as teachers, nurses, doctors, clergy, the list goes on and on.

We also ALL have built in capabilities to heal ourselves. At this time in a world filled with turmoil, it is more important than ever before to tune into and listen to our inner voices, our intuition, to our higher power, whatever you choose to call that -- my higher power is God-- and to tune out negative energies. We must align ourselves with positive energies and collectively heal ourselves, others and the world.

I began my quest for answers to my question that there must “be more” here than meets the eye and why do bad things happen to good people back in 1993 when my Grandmother Mildred Pautler died. She had given me her final gift of love by letting me care for her in my home her last 4 months on this earth plane. She had been my “mom” the first 7 years of my life as I lived with my Dad and Grandfather before my Father remarried. My life went full circle during that time I had to spend with her, feeding her, talking, reading to her, listening to music, just “being with her” and being entrusted with her most important end-of-life wishes. I took the journey with her and watched her die with dignity and grace, as she had lived her life.

After she passed, I began to read everything I could find in the “new age” categories including Shirley MacClaine, Wayne Dyer, Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay ……..

I was guided to an incredible teacher, friend and healer Suzanne Camin, owner of a bed and breakfast called Angel Arms. So began my journey learning about different healing modalities, how to develop my intuition and began my training in Reiki. She changed my life and turned it around heading it down a positive, healthy road.

The completion of my training as a Reiki Master Teacher was a dream come true from my Uncle Miles Jordan and his master, Luisa Bruzga. This was his last teaching before he passed and I am so blessed for that gift of love and to now have him as one of my guides/angels in spirit.

Life is precious, a constant work in progress and as I take this journey, I am constantly amazed at what I see and experience and learn. I encourage you all to open your hearts and minds and take this healing journey with me!

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